Follow-up – Marine Drive Local Area Plan (June 14)

Hi Everyone,

Our West Van Council gave 2nd and 3rd reading to the Marine Drive Local Area Plan and Design Guidelines on June 7th, with adoption scheduled for June 19th.  Thank you to those who attended or wrote Council regarding the Public Hearing on June 5th.  For those who missed it, I’ve included links to press coverage from Jeremy Shepherd and Catherine Barr.  I’ve included a note discussing the reasons for my support below.

Also, on June 19th Council will consider directing staff to apply to court to vary the trust relating to Brissenden Park on Roseberry Avenue, and there will be an update on the review of the Official Community Plan. [Link] to agenda.

One More Thing — Our North and West Vancouver Soroptimist Chapter will be hosting a Symposium on Gender Equality, Saturday June 17.


Marine Drive/Taylor Way Local Area Plan Debate – June 7, 2017

Thank you everyone who wrote in about and attended the public hearing.  Many were in support of the proposal and many were not. There is no right or wrong answer here.  Every opinion and perspective is legitimate.
Having said that my job is to listen, read, review, study and based on fact, evidence and data, apply my best thinking to make an informed decision.
Here is my thought process:

  1. We are in a housing affordability crisis and that fact is reinforced every day.

Yesterday, according to Miloon Kothari, the former UN special rapporteur for housing, who was speaking on CBC radio, Vancouver is becoming an “apartheid city” in terms of the divide between rich and poor.
The housing crisis, like climate change is an “inconvenient truth”, and if we all don’t take steps now to address both, we will end up in a sorry state.  West Vancouver is well on its way to becoming either a Ghost Town, where young people aren’t replacing the aging demographic, or a Resort Town where only rich international buyers can afford buy and leave houses vacant most of the year. We need a diversity of housing across the entire sprectrum, and according to recently revised estimates by Metro Vancouver, that amounts to 2000 units over the next 10 years in West Vancouver, or around 150 in owned units and 50 rental units per year.  Where is that housing going to go?

  1. Smart growth principles dictate that housing should be near transit and amenities.Where is our best transit, close to amenities?Along Marine Drive and especially at Park Royal.
  2. Traffic studies indicate that mixed commercial and residential use will contribute 1/3 less traffic than the large format commercial zoning in place right now.
  3. Residents in this area, especially if parking allocations are reduced, and a significant component is rental, are less likely to drive through this intersection than any other resident in the District.
  4. Council is committed to improving mobility for everyone, especially those using transit and have formed a North Shore wide committee of professionals to advise on all elements, including advocacy to other levels of government.But governments alone won’t solve the problem.Everyone is going to have to make some changes in their behaviour, which doesn’t mean giving up their cars entirely.
  5. Otherwise, planning staff have responded to the other most-cited areas of concern throughout this multi-year process: height and massing of buildings at this intersection.
  6. If we don’t approve this Local Area Plan, traffic congestion will still occur because it is largely due to factors beyond our borders. If we do approve it, it bolsters are request for more transit, because as Councillor Lambur recently reminded me “Transit follows development”.

For these reasons, I’m in support of the proposal, with the following requests to staff if we move to the negotiating the three specific development applications:

  1. Maximize the rental component in each, including for those with disabilities on low income.
  2. Minimize the parking allocations at each site.
  3. Ensure green construction that is better than the Building Code at each site.
  4. Encourage designs of the Clyde and 752 Marine sites which create a coherent Gateway that we can all be proud of.
  5. Complete the Spirit Trail over the Capilano River that separates those who cycle and walk from those who drive.
  6. Include affordable child care in at least one of the sites.
  7. Address transportation challenges at each site, including access/egress for the West Royal Towers – in the 1989 summary of the Public Hearing for that project an underground bypass was discussed?

Just as there is not one silver bullet for housing, there is no one silver bullet for transportation.  There never is one silver bullet to solve complex problems, but doing nothing is guaranteed not to solve anything.  Staff have provided there best thinking on this area and now Council must take the tough decision.

Press For OCP Marine Drive Local Area Plan

West Vancouver council splits on future of Marine Drive, Jeremy Shepherd / North Shore News, June 8, 2017 –

BREAKING – West Vancouver’s Mayor breaks tie vote on new Local Area Plan,  Catherine Barr June 7 –

 Last night, West Vancouver council held a public hearing for the “Area Plan”, Catherine Barr June 6 –

For Reference — Marine Drive Local Area Plan

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Marine Drive Local Area Plan and More

Hi Everyone,

A council report on the “Marine Drive Local Area Plan and Design Guidelines” will be presented by staff Monday April 24th.  The public hearing is tentatively scheduled for June 5th.  Also there is a West Van Arts & Culture Strategy survey online, and a Blood Donor Clinic at Gleneagles on May 24th.  I’ve included details below.

I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend.  The weather in April has been challenging and yet I enjoyed getting outside to see Team Canada play Field Hockey at Rutledge Field.  I also participated in the OCP World Café sessions, attended by 150 residents, and the stimulating forum put on by the WV Community Centres Society entitled  “Stop or Go:  Addressing the North Shore’s Traffic Challenges”.


Information — Marine Drive Local Area Plan and Guidelines

Marine Drive Local Area Plan and Design Guidelines to be presented at April 24, 2017, Council meeting.

A component of the Official Community Plan, the Marine Drive Local Area Plan and Design Guidelines presents a vision for the Park Royal and Lions Gate Bridge areas that combines housing diversity, community amenities, access to jobs, shops and services and a range of transportation options to create a more vibrant and complete community.

Following a public engagement program that took place in the fall of 2016 and Council direction from the November 29, 2016 Council meeting, staff will present the updated and revised vision for this area to Council on:

  • Monday, April 24 at 6 p.m.
  • Municipal Hall, Council Chamber (750 17th Street)


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Happy Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a New Year of peace and happiness.

IMG 0412 crop

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Council Update #12

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got a full update with council highlights, information on the by-election, and a question about litter.

Warm Regards,
Mary-Ann Booth
District of West Vancouver

Council Highlights

Here are some Council highlights since I last wrote in June:

– The Sewell’s Marina (159 units in 6 buildings) development on the parking lot behind the Boathouse Restaurant in Horseshoe Bay received final Council approval on October 24th. A “Locals First” marketing initiative has been implemented by the developer Westbank, and the sales centre opened October 29th at 1502 Marine Drive. Details of the project can be found at

– As part of the consultation related to updating our 12-year old Official Community Plan, the District conducted a series of public engagement events through September and October on a Context Study of the Marine Drive/Taylor Way/Park Royal corridor focused on three future development sites: 752 Marine, 303 Marine, and 657, 675 Marine & 600 Clyde Avenue. Council will receive a report from staff on the results of that consultation shortly. The Study can be found at

– At the October 24th meeting, Council considered a rezoning/development permit application by Hollyburn Properties related to 195 – 21st Street (between Argyle and Bellevue Avenues). The proposal is to add to the site two purpose-built rental buildings of 3 and 4 storeys containing 41 suites. The existing 16-storey tower containing 126 units is to be retained. Council has scheduled a public hearing for November 28th at 6 pm at Municipal Hall. For information see

– Because of inconclusive results from the Interim Tree Bylaw survey, Council approved the formation of a Tree Bylaw Working Group, which will “make recommendations…to regulate trees on private property that balances tree management best practices with community interests”. If you are a good listener, a critical thinker, collaborative, and constructive, please consider applying for this working group. The deadline is November 14th. Information about this and other board and committee volunteer opportunities can be found at

– Council recently adopted energy and emissions plans for the community and the corporation with four strategic directions: Community Planning; Housing (1/2 of all GHG emissions); Transportation; and Solid Waste, with a goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 40% from 2010 levels by 2040. A summary report can be found at

– The Police Services and Municipal Hall Project is proceeding on schedule, and construction is now occurring above grade (see photo below). It’s on budget ($36 million) and will be completed in time for the WVPD to move in next fall.

Mary-Ann with John Wong, Facilities Manager

– Council passed a resolution in June which was submitted to the Union of B.C. Municipalities for consideration at its AGM in September “to urge the Provincial Government, and the Federal Government…to take immediate action to discourage speculation in real estate, particularly by foreign investors, and to ensure that foreign real estate investors pay a fair share of Provincial and Federal taxes”. Although time ran out before it could be debated, while in Victoria most of Council met with the Minister of Housing and the Premier’s Deputy Chief of Staff about the housing affordability crisis. Two matters were discussed: accessing the Province’s Housing Affordability funds; and amending the Community Charter to allow municipalities to create different rate classes of residential property; for example, a lower rate for homeowners who make their home their principal residence (vs. an investment property), similar to the Provincial Homeowner’s Grant. No decisions have been made by Council on either matter, and we would not move forward without consulting the public. Our staff are currently preparing a report for our consideration.

By-Election November 19th

– Due to the sad passing of Councillor Michael Lewis on August 6th, a by-election has been called for November 19th. Twelve candidates have put their names forward. I encourage you to review their biographical information and attend one of the upcoming All Candidates Meetings: November 2nd, 7 pm at the Seniors’ Activity Centre hosted by the Ambleside Dundarave Ratepayers Association; November 14th (details TBA); November 16th, 1:30 pm at, and hosted by the Board of, the Senior’s Activity Centre; and November 16th, 7 pm at the Kay Meek hosted by West Van Chamber and business associations (registration required Vote early on November 5th, 8th, 9th and 14th at Municipal Hall. For the latest election information please visit

Questions For You

– Finally, I’ve been asked by a few residents, and have some support on Council, to propose a Litter Bylaw, similar to the one in Victoria, B.C., which carries a fine of $125 for littering in a public place. What do you think of this idea? Have you noticed an increase in litter around West Vancouver?

Wrapping Up

Please visit for further information on any of these items. Thank you for your continued interest and support.
Warm regards,

Mary-Ann Booth

Councillor  |  District of West Vancouver

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Council Update #11 (2015.09.25)

Mary-Ann’s West Vancouver Council Update #11 covering Built Form, Housing and Neighbourhood Character, Public Services Building, Ambleside Village and Waterfront, Official Community Plan Review, Natural Environment and Climate Action, Arts, Culture and Heritage, and More.
At Royal-Tea-By-The-Sea with Carolanne Reynolds of Heritage West Vancouver
I hope you enjoyed our long, hot, and dry summer and are settling into fall routines under much-needed rainy skies. The recent water-use restrictions reminded us that water is neither infinite nor free. West Vancouver leads the Metro area with its water metering program, and I encourage everyone with automatic sprinklers to take this opportunity to review their settings to ensure they are turned off for the winter.

Here are some quick highlights on several of Council’s priorities, and other news of interest to the community. Please visit for more information on any of these topics.

Built Form, Housing and Neighbourhood Character

On July 6th, Council received a report on the results of community consultation on the “Single Family Housing: Siting, Form and Character” matter. Certain neighbourhoods have been particularly impacted, and before year-end, recommendations will be coming to Council around boulevard design, retaining walls, fences, gates, grade and highest building face calculations, basement definition, lot consolidations, landscape standards, and soil deposit and removal.

Public Services Building

On June 22nd, Council approved the exterior design of the new combined

Police Services Building and Municipal Customer Service Hub to be built next to Municipal Hall; and demolition of the current plaza and parkade began in August.

A hybrid funding model has been approved for the $36 million dollar cost of the facility, consisting of $7.743 million cash from the Endowment Fund, and $28.257 million (plus borrowing costs) to be financed by a 30-year loan from the Municipal Finance Authority. On September 14th, Council determined that the loan payments will be fully covered by earnings in the Endowment Fund, primarily interest earned on the proceeds of sale of the 1300 Block Marine Drive, without the need for an additional tax levy or encroachment on capital in that fund.

Ambleside Village and Waterfront

On June 22nd, Council recommended that the application regarding 1763

Bellevue (Masonic Hall site) for a mixed-used building with 7 storeys (plus mezzanine/deck level), 20 residential units, 2,904 square feet of ground-level commercial space, and 15 dedicated public parking spaces move to bylaw preparation and public hearing.

On July 20th, Council heard from representatives of the Ambleside and Dundarave Business Association on a proposal for a Business Improvement Area (“BIA”), and gave approval to proceed by “Council Initiative”. Under this method, Council gives formal notice of its intent to establish a BIA to the owners of parcels that would be subject to the local service tax, and unless a petition against the service is presented within 30 days, Council may approve establishment of a BIA on proof of local community support.

Our staff, lead by a new Director of Planning (see below) continues to work on a conceptual plan for the waterfront, including existing arts facilities, the Spirit Trail and walking path, parking, the Hollyburn Sailing Club, the boat launch, and a proposed Centre for Art, Architecture and Design (to replace programming/exhibits at the WV Museum). A preliminary proposal will be presented to Council by mid-October, with stakeholder and public consultation following that. There are no plans to close the Hollyburn Sailing Club, only discussions around upgrades to facilities and improved access to the waterfront.

Official Community Plan Review

On March 30th, Council received the final report of the Upper Lands Study Review Working Group; and requested working meetings to discuss and prioritize the recommendations, which seek to protect environmental features and beauty, enhance recreation opportunities, and inform planning for compact neighbourhoods that work with nature. Ultimately, this work will be used as a framework for policies in the Official Community Plan, including recommendations to protect lands west of Eagle Creek and maintain the 1200-foot restriction on development.

Former White Spot Site (752 Marine Drive) – Based on feedback from the public, on April 13th Council resolved to table the application for two residential towers pending the determination of a number of issues including traffic management through the Marine Drive and Taylor Way corridors; reduction in building height; clarity around office, rental and childcare space; and confirmation of financial and other benefits such as property taxes, community amenity contributions, and a movie theatre. Given the timing of the imminent OCP Review, this matter will also be considered as part of the Taylor Way local area in that process.

Natural Environment and Climate Action

Trees, trees and trees – After a bit of a false start, a bylaw setting out penalties for the destruction of trees in parks and lands over which a development permit applied, was withdrawn before adoption because of a number of technical questions. A clear and comprehensive plan will be coming to Council in two stages this fall and next spring, addressing the protection and management of trees in parks and on boulevards, and on private land, respectively.

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Under a relatively new initiative which seeks to incentivize the preservation and protection of our architectural heritage, on May 11th Council approved a Heritage Revitalization Agreement for the “Toby House” at 2055 Queens Avenue, which enabled the subdivision of the property into two fee simple lots, with the Toby House to be retained on one lot and a new house to be constructed on the other lot. Council will be considering two other HRA applications in the coming months – the “Staples House” on Isleview Road and the “Vinson House” on Gordon Avenue.

Pride Week Banners at the West Van Community Centre

Hollyburn Lodge Restoration Project

Other News

At our July 27th meeting, Council considered a development permit application (form and character) with variances to building width and parking for the Cressey Development at 2290 Marine Drive. No zoning amendment was sought as the site is currently zoned to allow for the proposed 15-storey residential tower. The application was deferred for further refinements.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Jim Bailey as our new Director of Planning, Land Development and Permits who comes to us from Vancouver where he spent 7 years as a senior planner. Some of you may remember Jim from his many years in West Vancouver’s planning department prior to that.

A building permit was issued on September 8th for the Hollyburn Lodge Restoration project, and construction has begun with plans to open by Christmas. $1,037,399.45 has been raised of a $1.1 million goal. Donations will be accepted until February 1, 2016 at

Council has received a report regarding fall consultation for a comprehensive redevelopment of Sewell’s Marina in Horseshoe Bay, including 171 residential units in six buildings with four levels of underground parking.

The District greenhouse facilities at Klee Wyck on Keith Road is a District asset that is currently underutilized. EcoUrbia, a North Shore not-for-profit organization and community-based sustainability portal, has proposed to use the Klee Wyck nursery for an EcoCentre, to be called Klee Wyck Farm. The programming at Klee Wyck Farm would produce food, demonstrate gardening methodologies, provide community garden space, host educational workshops, and offer sales of fresh produce.

And finally, be sure to check out the newly-opened Appleback Grill at the Gleneagles Golf Course. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner…and the food is excellent!

Warm regards,

Mary-Ann Booth
Councillor, District of West Vancouver<br

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Celebrating Hollyburn Lodge

Councillors Cameron and Booth outside the soon-to-be-refurbished Hollyburn Lodge at a farewell barbeque April 24th.  A video of the event, captured by Don Grant of the Hollyburn Heritage Society can be viewed at



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Council Update #10

Hello everyone,

Spring has sprung in West Vancouver!  During the first three months of this new term, Council set its priorities for the next four years, approved the 2015 Budget, and began the process to address the impacts of new residential construction on neighbourhood character.

Council Priorities:  Based on feedback we received from the community during the election, we have identified the following seven areas on which to focus:

1. Built Form, Housing and Neighbourhood Character

2. Public Safety Building (“PSB”)

3. Ambleside Village & Waterfront Plan

4. Review of the Official Community Plan

5. Fiscal Sustainability and Municipal Services

6. Natural Environment and Climate Action

7. Arts, Culture & Heritage

The details are below.

Please feel free to pass this along to those who may be interested; or let me know if you would like to be removed from my distribution list.

I look forward to your comments and questions.

Enjoy your Spring!


Council Update #10 – In Detail

Council Priorities:  Based on feedback we received from the community during the election, we have identified the following seven areas on which to focus:

  1. Built Form, Housing and Neighbourhood Character:  The effect of new construction on neighbourhood character has been identified by the community as an urgent concern, so in October of 2014 Council directed staff to consult with all interested parties on the full range of regulatory options contained in a June 2014 staff report titled “Single Family Housing – Siting, Form, and Character” (see ), and report back with draft bylaws.  In an effort to mitigate interim impacts prior to proceeding to the formal public engagement process, a staff report dated January 29, 2015 came forward that recommended limiting buildable floor area (FAR) in most single-family residential zones to 150% of the floor area that would be permitted on a lot having the minimum lot area specified for that zone.  For example, in the RS5 zone (Ambleside/Dundarave) the lot area minimum is currently 6000 square feet.  On such a lot, the maximum buildable gross floor area is .35 times 6000, or 2100 square feet (not including exemptions).  Under the proposed restriction, the maximum buildable on any lot, including consolidations, would be 1.5 times 2100, or 3150 square feet (not including exemptions).  Given concerns raised by the public since the release of that report including insufficient notice and the disproportionate effect of the formula on larger lots, this recommendation was defeated by Council  at a Special Meeting on February 23rd.  In accordance with the original motion, staff will be going to the public April and May with a whole suite of options for regulatory change including those related to site manipulation such as site grading, construction of retaining walls and fencing; boulevard treatment and landscaping; preservation of mature landscaping; definition of basement floor elevation and highest building face; elimination of garage area exemption when located as part of a house; articulation of building mass and setbacks; and establishment of maximum floor area achievable through lot consolidations.  Specifically, Open Houses are planned for April 29th (3-7 pm) and May 23rd (9 am-1 pm); and a Town Hall meeting is set for May 26th (6-10 pm), all in the Atrium at the West Vancouver Community Centre.  Please visit » “Neighbourhood Character and Building Bulk” for information about neighbourhood meetings or to subscribe for updates on this topic.  A report containing recommendations is expected before Council breaks in August.


  1. Public Safety Building (“PSB”):  An independent audit last spring and a review by our new Police Chief of the designs for the proposed PSB, concluded that it was 33% functionally inefficient, that original objectives of shared space weren’t being met, and that moving the fire hall and ambulance station didn’t make economic sense at this time.  As a result, in January Council approved the design and construction of a new Police Services and resident-centric Public Services facility attached to Municipal Hall to return all appropriate functions from District-wide facilities to the site, and seismically upgrade Municipal Hall.  Relocation of fire and ambulance services has been deferred.  The budget for the project remains at an estimated $35/36 million. An expedited consultation process including public forums, design review and internal information sessions will begin shortly to ensure that the new PSB is completed by December 2017 to meet contractual obligations related to the development of the 1300 block Marine Drive .


  1. Ambleside Village & Waterfront Plan:  Picking up on foundational work from last term to renew our village centre, deliverables include implementation of the Coriolis (Financial Analysis) and Urbanics (Market Analysis) report priority recommendations, such as review of the requirement of 2nd floor office space in new development, and support of an Ambleside Business Association.  We also heard from the community that we needed a plan which addressed elements on the waterfront including arts facilities, the Spirit Trail, parking, and the Hollyburn Sailing Club.  A visual articulation of this area and public engagement are included in staff work plans beginning this year and continuing into next.


  1. Review of the Official Community Plan:  Our OCP is over 10 years old and needs to be updated to reflect the values and goals of our changing community.  Much of it is still relevant so rather than an overhaul, we will be conducting a selective review of high priority areas including the Special Sites in Ambleside,  development in the Upper Lands,  and housing needs across the community.  2015 will see an outline of the process, and 2016 will see community consultation on this.Regarding the Upper Lands, the Working Group has prepared a draft final report with recommendations with three open houses planned to present it:  Saturday, April 11th, 10 am – 2 pm and Thursday April 16th, 4 pm – 8 pm at the West Vancouver Community Centre Atrium; and Tuesday, April 14th, 4 pm – 8 pm at the Gleneagles Golf Club Great Hall.  A survey will also be available March 20th to April 19th at:  Based on community and stakeholder feedback, the Working Group will review and revise their draft recommendations as appropriate, before submitting a final report to Council in June.


  1. Fiscal Sustainability and Municipal Services:  Council’s approval of the 2015 Operating and Capital Budget was delayed because of the fall election.  In January, staff recommended a property tax increase of 2.97%.  After considerable review, Council gave first, second and third reading to a Five Year Financial Plan which included a provision for a property tax increase of 1.62%, which will amount to an increase of $53.46 for an average single family residence (currently assessed at $1,991,847).  Work on a Fiscal Sustainability Review and a Long-term Infrastructure Funding Strategy will be priorities this year for the reconstituted Finance Committee, which now includes three community members with special financial expertise.  Progress has been made in the Planning Department to streamline operations and optimize efficiencies including tracking and improving turn-around times for building permit applications, which now have a target of 8 weeks for new single family construction.


  1. Natural Environment and Climate Action:  On March 2nd Council gave first, second and third readings to bylaws which would allow fines to be imposed for unauthorized tree-cutting on public land (e.g. parks, boulevards) and those trees protected by covenant or development permit.  The next phase is to commence a district-wide community consultation on the current approach to tree protection on public lands, and on procedures that are used to issue permits for tree work.   A Community Energy and Emissions Plan Working Group has been formed to address the twin challenges of climate change and energy security at the community and corporate level.  To mitigate the risks of rising sea levels and storm damage, work will continue on shoreline enhancement and protection.  The District will continue to resource its participation as an intervenor in the Kinder Morgan (National Energy Board) and Woodfibre LNG (Environmental Assessment) review processes to ensure community interests are protected.


  1. Arts, Culture & Heritage:  Recent resolutions, particularly related to the proposed expansion of the Ferry Building Gallery and the proposed replacement of the West Vancouver Museum have demonstrated that a strategy for the cultural landscape of West Vancouver must take place.  Furthermore, the recommendations arising from that strategy must fit within the broader Ambleside and Waterfront Plan currently being developed through the District.  In this regard, Council will be reviewing and updating its Arts & Culture Strategy (2005-2014), including a determination of appropriate arts, culture and heritage facilities, through the development of a 2020 Cultural Strategy.

Other:   Masonic Hall, Park Royal, and Unitarian Church Sites:

MASONIC HALL SITE:  On December 15, 2014, Council approved staff’s recommendation to advance the proposal for a 7-storey (plus mezzanine) mixed-use development at 1763 Bellevue Avenue to the Design Review Committee, North Shore Accessibility Committee on Disability Issues and a public meeting for affected properties.   For further information, please visit

FORMER WHITE SPOT SITE: Three information open-houses were held in January and February related to a proposal by Park Royal for two residential towers at 752 Marine Drive.  On March 30th Council heard from two dozen residents and considered a report and recommendations to direct staff to bring forward draft bylaws and a development permit package for Council consideration after final refinements to the project have been made. The matter has been put over to April 13th for debate.

UNITARIAN CHURCH SITE:  On February 16th, Council approved staff’s recommendation to advance in the application review process a proposal for a 17-unit strata development located at 370/380 Mathers Avenue.  For further information, please visit .

Please feel free to pass this along to those who may be interested; or let me know if you would like to be removed from my distribution list.

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*Thank You* West Vancouver!

Thank You West Vancouver!

Hello Everyone,

I’m honoured to be re-elected to Council for the next four years.  Thank you for the trust and confidence you have shown in me.

Thank you to my talented campaign team whose work was exemplary, and commitment unwavering.   Thank you to the many supporters who reached out to friends, family and acquaintances on my behalf.

I have enjoyed meeting and hearing from members of the community about what matters to them, and I look forward to working with Mayor Smith and Councillors Cameron, Gambioli, Lewis and Soprovich, as well as Councillor-elect Cassidy to articulate and implement a shared vision for the future.

I will continue to work hard for you to make West Vancouver more liveable, more vibrant and more engaged.

Warm regards,

Mary-Ann Booth

West Vancouver District Unofficial Results.  Sorted Largest to Smallest.

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Clearing The Way – Grosvenor Site & My Future Engagement

You may be aware that it was necessary for me to abstain from all discussions regarding the development of the Grosvenor site, due to my husband’s legal work on that matter. That project has been approved, but I understand that residents may still be concerned that I might have to step aside in the future on similar projects. My husband and I have discussed this, and I’m pleased to announce that he has decided that he will not work on any future development projects in West Vancouver. So, if re-elected, I will be able to fully engage in debate for the next four years.

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Thank You Vanessa & Rob

Thank you Vanessa & Rob for a lovely evening and introducing me to your friends!

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