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"The fundamental question before us in this election will be whether our leaders should cater to the short term needs of our existing residents, or take the longer view of their community.  For decades, successive councils in West Vancouver indulged in the belief that you can stave off change simply by saying no to it."   (Editorial, North Shore News, May 4th)


As much as we all love this community, few would deny that we face significant challenges in the years ahead.  Growing traffic congestion, a worrisome climate emergency, the lack of diversity in our housing stock, and a crisis in the way that we care for our elderly are just some of the issues that must be addressed in the next four years.  We have made substantial progress, but there is much work still to be done.  West Vancouver demands a brighter future, led by a mayor prepared to embrace change and determined to find solutions to the complex issues that all communities face today. It is sometimes said that if you are standing still, you are falling behind.  My campaign is focused on the future of this wonderful community, and I'm asking for your support in helping to ensure that we keep moving forward.

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Vision for the Future


Build new housing options for young families and seniors

Art Class

Create & improve amenities for arts and recreation 

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Restore the charm & vitality to our commercial villages

Large Tree

Protect our natural environment, reduce our impact on it and adapt to climate change

Bird's eye view of a highway

Address traffic congestion with innovative regional solutions

Group Lecture

Ensure all residents feel a sense of well-being and belonging

Listen to Mary-Ann's interview with CBC's Justin McElroy on the Early Edition with Stephen Quinn - click here

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