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Ralph Sultan

Retired MLA

“I unreservedly endorse Mary-

Ann Booth for re-election as Mayor. She has successfully put her experience to work, following a middle path between those who advocate “don’t change a thing” and others who see significant issues looming.


I plan to vote for her.”

Doug Macaulay

Principal, Conductor,

West Van Youth Band

“West Vancouver is an ever-

evolving community, and we need leadership that stays ahead of change, ensuring that we are not left behind. Mary-Ann has the vision, skill, and understanding to move this district forward towards a bright and sustainable future.”


Peter Scholefield

HUB Cycling

“As an active member of HUB Cycling’s North Shore Committee, I have come to appreciate Mary-Ann Booth’s unequivocal support of proposals to make it safer for people riding bicycles in West Vancouver. On Council and through her leadership as Chair of North Shore Connects, she has been a strong proponent of improved public transit and active transportation as effective means to address traffic congestion and the District’s declared climate emergency."

Valerie Jerome

Olympic Athlete

"It is very clear to me that Mary-Ann Booth wants to ensure that West Vancouver is a community  where everyone feels included, and where everyone belongs.  I view her decision to name the new running track in honour of my brother Harry Jerome as a symbol of her commitment to ending racial injustice.  I have met many community and  provincial leaders over the years, few as capable as Mary-Ann.  Please give your support to ensure that her progressive vision for West Vancouver continues."


Bowinn Ma

“Mary-Ann Booth is one of the most compassionate and honest politicians I've had the privilege of working with. She is also effective. As Chair of NS Connects, she has enabled important progress on key transportation priorities for all of our communities across the North Shore.”

Craig Cameron

West Vancouver Councillor

"Having served with Mary-Ann for the past 11 years, I have witnessed her tireless efforts to 

support housing diversity, transportation solutions, environmental protection, and responsible financial stewardship. She has unquestionable integrity, understands our community, and has the courage to make difficult but necessary

decisions to ensure a successful future."

e Craig Cameron Headshot 2 2018.jpg.webp

Pierre Coupey

RCA, Professor Emeritus Capilano University

“I'm supporting Mary-Ann Booth for re-election as the Mayor of West Vancouver, not only because she understands and appreciates the importance of art and culture to a healthy community, but also because she has the courage and commitment to make positive things happen in our community for everyone.

As an artist, an educator, and a 30-year resident of West Vancouver, I appreciate her powerful and positive leadership”



"Mary-Ann Booth shares many of my values - a love of the arts, a commitment to the environment, and a desire for healing. I

have been pleased to introduce her to members of our Nation, and to walk alongside her for Reconciliation.”


Ron & Jo-Ann Wood

Former Mayor and Citizen of the Year, respectively

“During the Covid crisis Mayor Booth consistently displayed vision and strong leadership. Significant examples include development of “The Place for Sport”; and construction of innovative, affordable housing for young families. Based on her proven experience, knowledge and ethics, we believe Mary-Ann will lead the community forward for the benefit of all residents, and has earned the opportunity to be re-elected Mayor for a second term.”

Nora Gambioli

West Vancouver Councillor

"Mayor Booth is full of positive energy, experience and solutions; she works harder than anyone, and supports our staff. She advocates successfully for our community at regional, provincial and federal levels, and she collaborates on the vital issues of transportation, housing and climate change. I trust her to do the right things for our community.”


Mark Vaughan

President, West Vancouver Field Hockey Club

“I have had the opportunity to work with Mary-Ann Booth in her role as Mayor over the past four years. In that time we have been able to support the sports playing community on the North Shore in no small part due to Mary-Ann’s steadfast leadership and collaborative process. Mary-Ann made the goal of getting a soccer field and updated track at West Vancouver Secondary School a priority, and against significant odds she helped to see that project through its biggest hurdles. She is a supporter of sports for West Vancouver and we need someone as Mayor who can balance all the needs of the community.”

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