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Mary-Ann Booth was elected as Mayor in 2018, after serving two terms on Council from 2011 to 2018.  She served as a school trustee with the West Vancouver Board of Education from 2005 to 2011, the last three years as Chair. ​


Before her public service, she practiced law for 12 years, including positions as a provincial crown prosecutor and in-house corporate counsel. A product of the region’s public-school system, she completed her Commerce and Law degrees at the University of British Columbia, where she subsequently taught business law in the Sauder School. ​


As a long-time resident of West Vancouver, she is proud of its history and optimistic about its future.  She envisions a more livable, vibrant and inclusive community.  Her greatest challenge is to balance protecting the way of life that has been built here over many years with the changes that must be implemented if West Vancouver is to continue to thrive.  People who know Mary-Ann describe her as a collaborative, thoughtful leader who works tirelessly to improve her community.


Mary-Ann is proud of the progress Council has made on the priorities it set in its Strategic Plan during her term as Mayor, including:


  • The workforce housing and Adult Day Centre to be built at 2195 Gordon Avenue; 

  • Securing regional support for rapid transit from Metrotown across Burrard Inlet to Park Royal;

  • Supporting local businesses during Covid, including expanding outdoor patio dining, introducing public consumption of alcohol in parks, and facilitating the opening of The Orchard restaurant in Gleneagles.

  • The new Harry Jerome Oval and all-weather field to be built at West Vancouver Secondary School; 

  • The greenest Building Code in Canada, and regulations to protect our waterfront from flooding, and our forests from wildfires; and

  • Financial measures (asset levy) put in place to ensure community infrastructure and facilities will be properly maintained over the next 20 years.  


But there is still work to do to see many of these initiatives to fruition, as well as ones still in the works:


  • Approving the development plan for Cypress Village, to create a compact sustainable urban community and preserve as park 262 acres of land in Eagleridge;

  • Replacing the aging Inglewood Care Home with a modern, long-term care facility and affordable housing for our seniors; and 

  • Initiating the Ambleside Local Area Plan to support the businesses we rely on every day with updated premises, an increased customer base, and better mobility options.


Mary-Ann and her husband have lived in West Vancouver for over 30 years, and raised their two daughters in beautiful Ambleside.  

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