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 Highlights from Mary-Ann's

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May 31,2018

Transforming Our Community Through Sport and Recreation 

"I'm convinced that activities that welcome newcomers and celebrate cultural diversity, that support vulnerable and marginalized youth, that fully include our indigenous citizens, and that remove barriers preventing members of our disabled community from full participation are those that will enable West Vancouver to thrive in the years ahead."


Mary-Ann Booth


July 12,2018

Transforming Our Community Through Art and Culture

"What is needed now is leadership. It simply isn't enough to leave you on your own to find rehearsal space, to struggle to properly exhibit or perform your work, and to rely on fundraising, grants, and philanthropy to keep you in the black. 

This is a responsibility to be led by district. As your mayor I am committed to the rapid implementation of this new strategy and it will be my personal challenge to see this done. I will ensure that there is a sufficient budget, staff that is accountable, and work plans that are delivered upon so that this does not fall through the crack again."


Mary-Ann Booth


July 30,2018

Seniors in the Heart of Our Community - Enhancing Programs and Services 

"The provision of adequate and affordable housing has become a crisis for our community, but in particular for seniors. What is needed on the part of your local government is understanding, compassion, and direct action to ensure that our most vulnerable citizens have the housing they need to remain safely in our community."


Mary-Ann Booth

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