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Mary-Ann's speech to friends, family and supporters after winning the October 20, 2018 Municipal election.

"Good evening everyone. Thank you for coming tonight to show your support and share in this celebration.

Well, we know one thing for sure, the Russians definitely didn’t meddle in this election.


But seriously, I’ve made so many speeches over the last six months, I’m not going to make another one tonight.

I do want to make a few thank you’s though:

First, to my opponents – it takes courage, conviction and an incredible commitment to community to run for office, and they gave it their best and offered clear choices for voters for the future of West Vancouver.  Congratulations to all of them, and thank you for making me and my team fight harder than we thought possible.

Second, thank you to my constituents who engaged like never before and showed up at our forums, the All Candidates Meetings and the polls.  We have a clear mandate for change and I appreciate and respect the community’s decision immensely.

Third, thank you to my whole campaign team. As you have seen for the last six months, and you can see tonight, one absolutely cannot take on this monumental goal without the help and hard work of many dedicated, loyal, talented and tireless volunteers.  I know it sounds trite, but it is incredibly humbling to have people put their lives on hold for months because they believe in you so much.  I will be thanking them individually and meaningfully in the next few weeks, but tonight is about celebration and short speeches and I don’t wish to leave anyone out by listing them by name.  I do wish to thank Robin Delaney and his staff for offering without hesitation this fine venue and community gathering hub.  It’s very fitting and has suited tonight’s occasion beautifully.

Finally, I want to thank my family – my husband John, my rock, without whose partnership, love and incredible character for the past 25 years, I wouldn’t be standing before you; my girls Maddi (who surprised me by flying up from L.A. with her boyfriend Jack especially to be here tonight) and Charlotte who surprised me at Thanksgiving by flying from U.N.B. at a particularly tiring point and recharged me with some “mom” time. They know how I took a step back from my career to raise them and be there for them when they were younger, and they both wholeheartedly were behind me during this race with “Mom, now it’s your time”.  My mother, step-father, brother, and sister-in-law are also here; and my extended family out in the Valley are all with me in spirit.  Family is like the roots of a tree – providing strength, support and allowing you to reach for the sky.  Any success I have is because of my family’s alignment of values, belief in community, and bonds of love that are unwavering.

Thank you everyone for everything you have done to bring us to this point!  I’m honoured, and grateful to have been on this life-changing journey with you."

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