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Mayor's Update: Happy Nowruz from West Vancouver Council

Happy Nowruz!

The beginning of the spring season is here. It’s a time to celebrate renewal and think with optimism about the year ahead. The annual Nowruz Fire Festival was one of the first large events to be cancelled when pandemic restrictions took effect back in March of 2020. This past week, it was great to see so many members of our community gather once again in Ambleside to celebrate this special time of year with friends and family. As we look back at the past two years, we reflect on the difficulties and challenges brought on by the pandemic. We also remember the tragic plane crash in Tehran in January 2020 that took the lives of 176 people, including 100 with ties to Canada. During these difficult times, our community has demonstrated strength and resilience. We have come together to support one another, especially our most vulnerable residents. The many diverse cultures and languages of residents living in West Vancouver all contribute to making our community a great place to live. We look forward to working with our residents on the projects and initiatives that will continue to make our community more livable, vibrant, and inclusive. We wish you and your family a year of good health, joy, hope, and peace. Warm regards, Mayor Mary-Ann Booth, Councillor Craig Cameron, Councillor Nora Gambioli, Councillor Peter Lambur, Councillor Bill Soprovich, Councillor Sharon Thompson, and Councillor Marcus Wong



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