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B-Line Update

Hello everyone,

Council would like to extend its sincere thanks to all the members of the community who invested their time, and provided thoughtful input into the consultation process on the proposed B-Line. At its April 15, 2019 meeting, Council received the Proposed B-Line Community Engagement: Consultation Summary Report and the B-Line Update and Next Steps Report, an interim report arising out of Council’s directions at the March 11th meeting. In the Consultation Report, a majority of respondents agreed that faster, more reliable transit service for east-west travel on the North Shore is needed, and that Council should continue to seek solutions while addressing concerns related to shared bus lanes and impacts to residential neighbourhoods, including schools.   Council was unanimous in its direction to staff to provide a comprehensive report on transportation improvement options by the fall of 2020 consistent with Council’s Strategic Plan; and to consider Marine Drive improvement measures in the District’s 2020 budget process.  TransLink’s implementation of the North Shore B-Line to Park Royal is not expected to be completed until early 2020, after which time Council will examine options to bring the B-Line into our town centre.


Mary-Ann Booth Mayor | District of West Vancouver



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