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CN Lawsuit, Blood Donation, Council Notes & Chamber of Commerce Survey

Hi Everyone,

Here is information on the recent CN lawsuit against the District of West Vancouver, the Blood Donation clinic on Friday March 3rd, the Council Agenda for March 6th, and a WV Chamber of Commerce Survey.


Warm regards,

Mary-Ann Booth Councillor District of West Vancouver 604-340-8490

Details — CN Lawsuit

On February 22nd, the District posted this press release on its website:

On Friday, February 17, CN Acquisition Limited filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of British Columbia alleging that the District of West Vancouver and its residents do not have a legal right to use the Centennial Seawalk, in those locations where it runs along the historical railroad right-of-way.  The lawsuit by CN seeks both an injunction to restrain further use of the Seawalk and financial compensation.  The District of West Vancouver will be defending the lawsuit and has also filed an application with the Canadian Transportation Agency to address the situation. The Seawalk has been used by area residents for close to 50 years.

The Canadian Transportation Agency is a federal tribunal which has jurisdiction to resolve a large number of issues relating to public transportation, including the power to grant rights to use a railroad right-of-way in appropriate circumstances.

The District has received advice not to comment on the merits of the dispute while it remains before the courts.

Details — Blood Donor Clinic March 3rd

Let’s show them that West Vancouver residents really care! The Blood Donor Clinic this Friday is in the Music Room (basement) at the WV Community Centre.  As of today we are only 50% booked. While walk-ins are accepted, to save time I encourage you to make an appointment at or call 1-888-2-Donate (1-888-236-6283).  And the upper age limit for donors has been removed!   Please consider the impact it would have on you or your loved ones if blood wasn’t available in an emergency.

Details — March 6th Council Meeting Agenda includes:

– Public hearing for duplex at 6457 Bruce Street

– Proposal to relocate the Ambleside Farmers’ Market to the parking lot of Ambleside Park

– Notice of Public Hearing on March 27th for a proposed 4-lot subdivision at 3656 McKechnie & 3609 Creery Ave.

Details — WV Chamber of Commerce Survey

The WV Chamber of Commerce is conducting a survey of local businesses regarding the challenges of hiring and retaining employees.  If applicable, please complete it at

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