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Council Update #2

Hello everyone,

Council has started to set its strategic priorities for the next three years.   The Public Safety Building; Ambleside Village and Waterfront; Housing and Neighbourhood Character; Municipal Services and Finance; and Environment, Parks and Upper Lands were all identified as important to the community.  Each of these five issues is complex and involves many sub-parts.  Throughout the next few months, Council members will be attending workshops with staff to receive background information and further develop and articulate these priorities.

On May 7th Council approved a public engagement strategy with respect to a new Public Safety Building (“PSB”).  The current project proposal is to co-locate fire and police services in one “earthquake-proof” facility on the south-side of the municipal hall site at an estimated cost of approximately $39.5 million dollars.

This stage of the process involves asking the community questions regarding size, scope, design, location, cost, funding sources and timing.  You are invited to attend any one of the three open houses planned in this regard:

  • Thursday, May 17 at the Kay Meek Centre

  • Thursday, May 24 at the Gleneagles Community Centre

  • Thursday, May 31 at the West Vancouver Community Centre

All open houses will begin at 7 p.m. and will present the same materials.  Staff and subject-matter experts will be on-hand to provide information and answer questions at various information boards.  There will be no formal presentations, so members of the public are encouraged to come anytime between 7 and 9 p.m.

During May and June, there is a telephone survey planned, and staff will also be present at the District’s office at 1408 Marine Drive to provide information and answer questions about the PSB project and the public engagement plan (tel. 604-913-2761; e-mail  Please visit for further information.

This initiative is a major infrastructure project for West Vancouver and deals with the safety of our entire community.  I encourage you to provide your input to Council over the next two months.





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